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Notes on The Story of V

A few excerpts from Mx Bond’s response to the not so grand article published in New York Magazine. V’s wit and candor are impeccable. Click through for the full response on Bond’s blog.

I’m writing because yesterday New York Magazine published a very long profile piece on me written by Carl Swanson which I was rather offended by. After signaling my displeasure on Facebook it seems I stirred up what I can only describe as a “tempest in a teaspoon”.


For the record my “ambition” is not “to be both sexes at once.” I AM both sexes at once. My ambition is to articulate who I am clearly and effectively. I am not a woman and I am not a man, I am not a “cross-dresser”. I am a transperson.  To me that seems pretty clear.  To question or belabor it is completely unnecessary and transphobic. As is the phrase, “certainly he’s never been a conventional transvestite showboat”. Even if I was one it would be okay and these implied hierarchies of acceptable “trans-ness” are innately offensive. “He has too much inner life to be anything like a standard drag queen.” Just because I am not a “Drag Queen” doesn’t make my life or work any more or less important than if I was.  What are Mr. Swanson’s assumptions about the inner lives of drag queens? I know this is said quite often but as far as I’m concerned it can’t be said enough. If it weren’t for certain drag queens and other gender variant individuals lots of gay white middle-class asses would be lots less comfortable and the landscapes of their “inner lives”‘ might be  even more dim.

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