Alex Young of Witch Hazel Alabastier Wes Perry
Darling Shear
Lynn Royale Andy Karol photographed by Patrick Warneka Photography Lucy Stoole
Kim Chi photographed by Fierce Finder Studios Blue Redder screenshot from video for song Killer. Directed by Eric Infanzón.
Should you need a reason to celebrate the arrival of summer in a performance spectacular under the waning of a super moon then you should most definitely saunter on by tonight. 

Cute, sexy, genius, beauty, rage, camp and a dash of power play for your pleasure!
LEX·IC·A is a celebration of the ways in which we communicate with one another and the knowledge we share in this process. It seeks to explore the myriad of complex and beautiful ways we share, play, love, suffer and honor one another through performance work and strive to cultivate community. LEX·IC·A is an inclusive event for anyone interested in procuring dialogue and discourse through performance. Take risks, challenge norms, resist and thrive! 

If you are interested in collaborating with other artists in either a performance or an alternative capacity join us and we will be encouraging connections in multiple ways throughout the night to debut works at a future LEX·IC·A. 

SHOW STARTS @ 9PM Featuring:

**Wes Perry 

**Witch Hazel

**Darling Shear

**Blue Redder

**Andy Karol 

**Kim Chi 


**Lucy Stoole

**Lynn Royale “The Urban. Sex Positive. Goddess Nymph.”

Contact for more information or to inquire about performing. 

Salonathon is the creation of Jane Beachy and features live beats with SWAGUERRILLA & [X]P!

Get your RSVP via do312 for some free cocktails between 8-9:

P.S. Documentarians: Consent is cute. Ask first!

Footage from performances at previous events can be found via Vimeo. Keep up to date on LEX·IC·A and other JRV MAJESTY Productions events via our Facebook Page