“I just know that I have a very special opinion and a voice and something to say, to give to people and for me that is what this is all about is having an opportunity to reach more and more people and be on a larger platform to just share it. It is something I do for me, but it is something that I do for every little queer, Black, weird, gay, Latino, Asian, chubby kid that, you know, that has felt like at one point or another in their life that they weren’t cool enough or pretty enough because I know what that feels like.”

Joe Varisco of JRV MAJESTY Productions recently dropped into the Lesbian Lounge where Shea Couleé was rehearsing for the December 2012 show Salonathon Presents: You’re Gonna Die - A Holiday Fantastia at Metro Chicago. Shea unveils the reality of her drag persona, how she keeps her edge and what fuels her passion.

Shea Couleé is an international performance sensation and the ultimate adrogynous wet dream guaranteed to sashay her way into the spotlight. Inspired by the divas of yesteryear and stacked with a pair of gams that you can climb right to the high heavens, Shea Coulee is the butter that melts in your mouth. - Earth Pearl Collective