Shea Couleé (Photographed by nestor) performing this evening in TRANNIKA’S MOST WANTED 2: Turkey Fever! has captured my sweet pumpin’ heart and hasn’t let go since the first time I saw her Beyoncé it up at Salonathon whipping what has grown from 3-5’ long hair. You couldn’t turn away from this majesty even if you tried. Join in and get your own daily dose of musings. 

Or come check out Ms. Couleé collaborate with Déja K. Taylor, [X]P and a host of other lovelies at this months LEX·IC·A.

Salonathon Presents LEX·IC·A happens the last Monday of each month at Chicago’s Beauty Bar and is a celebration of the ways in which we communicate with one another and the knowledge we share in this process. It seeks to explore the myriad of complex and beautiful ways we share, play, love, suffer and honor one another through performance work and strive to cultivate community. LEX·IC·A is an inclusive event for anyone interested in procuring dialogue and discourse through performance. Take risks, challenge norms, resist and thrive!