CHICAGO KIDS! Peanut Gallery Call For Proposals!

We recently shifted our programming away from open-call group shows — we’re focusing on solo, residency-style exhibitions from here on out. We will be featuring about 6 artists a year. We want the installations to be eye-catching, smart, playful and a perhaps a bit irreverent — in line with our established attitudes and aesthetics. So far we’ve got Luke Pelletier & Paul Perkins on the roster. Want a solo show?

Apply to with a proposal and images. Special consideration will be paid to detailed proposals that demonstrate earnest enthusiasm for working with us to create something cool, rather than a just a link to your website. THANKS!

P.S. At this time we are lacking the budget to exhibit visiting artists. Locals only, please, unless you are able to pay for your own travel and accommodations and you are not concerned with getting the work back. I.E. we can’t ship or store you or any of your work. Hopefully someday… in the meantime, thanks for understanding.